I hate this word : “MAYBE.”
I’m going crazy thinking about somethin with ‘maybe’. I’m gonna die with unclear assumption on my mind. Maybe.. this is like this? Maybe..whats on my mind is true? Maybe.. i’m just hyperbolic girl who think too much/over about this? I’m trying to liberate from this but i don’t understand why its so strong and coming back.
Pfft, by the way i went to quiet beach with dad and brother recently, we took several pics. We arrived at that beach in the morning, the beach still foggy, i can see the sea covered by a fog. Its soo mystical !! At that time, i feel free with my soul.


Somebody entered my mind.

I fall into somebody. He is not kind of handsome or romantic man, i think. He is strange, unique, and lil bit mysterious, and he get my attention. He doesn’t know this matter this time, and for now i think its better to keep this only with myself. Loving someone is tired activity for me and need seriousness, i won't play with people. Good night, Y. 




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Dear Allah, tonight i grateful my life. There was nothing special this night, i just realize that my togetherness with my family this time is a precious gift from You. Well, i still quarel with mom, still fight for little thing, but i know i’ll miss this moment in the other day. Alhamdulillah, this Ramadhan i can stick together with my family, my lil bro back from their dormitory, so we did sahur and buka puasa together, how nice. I’m kind of people who can’t express  my trully feelin, everybody in house may see my face so flat like the other day, but i’m sure no one expecting i write somethin like this. I love my family so much. This august i’ll face a test to continue my study, if God wants me to pass it, so  i’ll go to other city for second time, but this time maybe i’ll stay longer than before. Let see what will happen with my life several months later. But i think, my life would be interesting and full of colour, longer i live in this world there’re lots thing i learn about people, about rocks, and about rainbow on my life, whatever that which came on my way, i know that makes me learn more to respect everything and stronger . I never doubt Allah. Thankyou for everything God, please guide me to a better people with happy way.


Create magic!

Just love to do this activity, work with my imagination always interesting! you can find  the book through instagram mussboloproject



pics source via google
Hi readers, hows life? Hope you’re good, because mine is not L . I got sick for 3 days, flu and cough makes me stay on my bed for several days. You know? When we were sick, its so hard to leaves our pillow and blanket, they are my best friends in this few days, all i want just sleeping, lay on our bed, and watching tv ( who’s with me? hehehe..) But, television programs sometimes makes me bored, when i switch my remote i saw the same tv program, with the same issue, the same people, it feels “fyuuuuuuuuuh..~ come on, somebody sick here, and she needs entertain. So, the alternative always รจ INTERNET! Yahuuuuuu, i love browsing, i’m kind of people who easy bored and i love seeing something new and interesting , and browsing on internet is my own happiness. I can browse everything , though i was sick, i feel my energy is back! especially when i saw shoes and lovely dress, my energy tank 100% full!! Huehehehe, you girls also know this feelin right?. As you know, i like classic and vintage thing, i watch fairytale, and pay attention on Alice in Wonderland and princess on classic tale dress, its sooo pretty! Ah, talking about pretty dress, this web formal dresses online catch my eyes! I add the pictures on this post, i have two words to describe it : classy and simple. I mean, look at this pastel pink dress, isn’t it too cool and elegant? You don’t need to wear many accecories and hair do, just roll your hair like this model, use natural make up, and voala! You set the party pretty girl!

And the next is this lovely turquoise dress, look at the details girls, the cut, the ornaments, tartar sauce! This is royal queen dress! Wear this and start shining! What i love from their dress at first sight is the colors are peacefull and calm, it can give you nice atmosphere when wear the dress.
So, if you want to go to party and confuse “Oh my God, what dress should i wear?” just visit Formal Dresses Melbourne, look into their collection, and catch one! you will love it girls, its prettyyyyyyyyy!
Have a nice day all !



Boots, oh boots~

classic pocketbook from here

Helooooooo blog, i'm so happy and excited tonight. I learn lot of thing recently and that makes me super curious along day! yayyyyyayyy~ ah first of all i wanna say "Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin" thankyou Allah, for everything, thank you so muuch, hope i can share this happiness with other. Btw, i'm in love with my new boots, its fit my foot purrrrfecctlyyy you can find their store through instagram or log in to their web, and the shipping and response are super fast, 100% recommended!

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