Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ied Mubarak 2014

Hello! hows your lebaran day? today my dad big family gathered in our house. In a nutshell, my grandma (from dad) have 11 children, my father is number 9, and this year we're gathered in our house cause this is his turn. Wohoooooooooo, there are so many people came to our house, everybody from other city comes, its about 100 people there, you can imagine how crowd my house. I feel happy today, alhamdulillah :) yeah, though i don't refuse if a days before i had cold war with dad, cause a different perception (i don't want discuss it right now, its already passed) and the important thing is i'm happy! and next is my play time!wohoo! thanks god

my silly brother (cupi & emon)

what everybody love : time for MONEY! (THR)

"Minal aidzin wal faidzin."

Friday, July 25, 2014

Back home

Everybody 'mudik' to their town & so do i! Happy ied mubarak everyone! :* kisses

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fasting - Ramadhan 2014

Saturday! i've been waiting for this day on a whole week. Fasting make me drooling every time i saw food or smell something delicious, hahahaha everything look 'sooo perfect' when we're prohibited to touch them, Those food seems like talking to me " come here darling, you'll know how delicious i am", then this stupid girl imagine how it taste, is it sweet? super delicious? or super fresh when we put them on our mouth? Oh damn, then i left those evil food, and went to other thing. 
Lets talk about ramadhan, to be honest i asking myself for several time : why i can't feel the atmosphere of holy Ramadhan this year, and couple years ago? its totally different, when i celebrate ramadhan when 7 years old, i feel super excited for sahur, buka puasa, read al-qur'an, watching ramadhan tv program, mudik, etc... I I know i grown up and getting older, and course that makes a change. But, thats not i mean. Whether, my sins are overload so that impact my heart for welcoming Ramadhan? Oh yes, i've lots sins since come to this planet.. i'm sorry God ._. 
happy saturday & happy fasting for you! :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Greetings from magical forest

Hello! Sorry for lack updates, i'm too focus on real life, especially play, hehehe. So, i went to several place recently and they're beautiful! hmm, i'll upload them later and show you how beautiful Indonesia. I can't travel  to far place, cause i don't have much time and my wallet is not a premium edition. This is some shoot i got from last week, its a forest on West Java, there's a quiet and lovely lake over there, and guess what? we also met a deer on that forest! Hooo, seems we're in magical forest!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do what you love, and you wouldn't feel tired or lazy on every second.

Hi! hows life? mine was pretty good, eat much, sleep over, play hard, and work as usual. I went home last night, and spent this super short weekend at home. Hmm.. would you like to hear (or read) my activity last night? Just skip this if you wouldn't, but i just wanna share this on my blog. So, yesterday after my office clock show 4.30 pm, i getting ready to take 4 hours trip for back home to met mom, dad, and emon. I arrived at 9 pm, mom cooked super delicious fish for welcoming me, she even bought me a lots of chocolate (she really know exactly what i love :*) I got many happiness in my home : delicious food, my lovely room, and my cartoon bag which i order 1 week ago has arrived. That was 23.00 night when i finish everything on house. Then i go blogging, yuhuuuuuuuuuu.. i really want makes some changes on this blog lay out, a simple theme but colourful and different. I start do this and that, and you know? i sleep at 3 o'clock morning. Thats not important, my point is : how can i seat an hours in front laptop after my body tired from a long way from jakarta? The answer is i love blogging. Thats make me super strong and excited. Hahhaahha, thats my folk yesterday.. By the way, have you take a look my new blog layout? how do you think? it still on progress, but i like my new layout.

Love this day so much! :*

this is my cartoon bag, thats unique right? look like it a picture and not real.

See you later! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

the truth behind us

The gay boy you punched in the hall today, commited suicide few minute ago.
that girl you called a slut behind a clas today. she is a virgin.
the boy you called lame. he has to work everynight to support his family.
that girl you pushed down on the other day, she is already being abused at home.
the girl you called fat, she is starving herself.
the oldman you made fun of cause his ugly scars, he fought for our country.
the man you made fun for crying, his mother was dying.
you think you freaking know them? you don't.
repost if you are against bullying.

*repost from path*

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