Are we live this life for acknowledgement from other and pretend to be what people wants or walk by ourself on our own faith?.

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draw! draw! draw!

I spent this whole week with plain paper and coloring them in photoshop, and i enjoy it so much! Paper is the best listener ever, since i was kids, i tend to pour out all my emotion and feeling into paper, i love to draw with marker or pen, i love plain paper cause there's no border that limit my skecth, no right or false in drawing something, you're free to draw anything, thats why i love tell my feelin into paper :) Well, i've a weird wants, this just super weird, since i am economic student nowadays, but if God give me a chance i want to be illustrator and learn more about this.

You never really stop missing someone, you just learn to live around the huge gaping hole of their absence.


Discover wilderness

 Nature has a sound, for those who listen. 
i went to Rancaupas, a peaceful place in Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia. Few weeks ago. It was great time to escape. I see wide green areas, with a long grass, i heard the air whispered on my ears, i heard epic sound of beetle, bird, merge into one harmonious melody, i even met a deer! i love deer so much, its like i was on folktale when i meet this creature, deer horn was so classic & beautiful. God give me chance to live once, i can't repeat time or back to the past, so i want discover and explore this world more and more, before i get old and can't go anywhere.



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Turning Point

Well, i'm on my room in Jakarta, sitting on my bed, time shows 01.00 am. i contemplated what i've been passed on my life. i try to seek on the deepest part of every journey, they're so much lesson and experience that God give to me. I'm thankful for everything, Allah always kind to me and i'm just a sinner. 

My friends often talk about their lonely life without partner/boyfriends recently, but nowadays i'm on a point where i just wanna living my life for my Lord, do what God loves, be kind to others, life with a meaning. I don't want to think about partner/lover/boyfriend nowadays, i learn from my past, people make a plan, and God make a plan. Even both of us want to stay together, but if God said the opposite, there's always a reason to separate. Maybe God have better partner for each of us, maybe God wants us to focus develop ourself, and many more, but out of that thing i always believe Allah know the best and i never doubt God. I'm not hanging a hope for somebody or expect on lover to come over this time, i just walk my life with my best and i think i still have so many task to do for myself, so i try to focus on it right now. Bismillah. 



We are need a light on our life.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. i think i have everything i want, family, friends, enough money, nice stuff, food, and many more and i grateful for everything i have. But deep in myself, my soul is empty, i feel empty, i lost of sight, and i wanna cry, i swear. Then i cry. I never told what i feel to anyone because they won’t understand what i feel and i don’t know how to explain. So i cry alone with myself when pray. I know Allah loves me, Allah always beside me and always hear me. Maybe i just feel lonely, i hate myself why i was so weak, life is full of obstacle, how can i passed this life if i weak. So i just write this on my blog to let go half of this feelings in a post.

We come on this life for a purpose. We search for the way of faith. We are need a light on our life.

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