Thursday, April 17, 2014


women watch from bornprettystore, love it!
Holaaaaaaaaaa! Sorry for lack updates, i'm working on Jakarta recently, and i didn't bring my netbook, you can imagine how i miss you blog. Last night i went home to my lovely town : Bandung. Oh, really miss the fresh and cool air.. I trapped at traffic jam cause everybody out at long weekend, bfff, but i still excited to met my family especially mom and dad :). 

And there's one happy reason that makes me super excited back home, my packet have arrived! Last month i wish for having some new stuff, and lucky me a store called : bornprettystore sent me an email and kindly let me choose their new arrival product, wohooooooooo! My choice fall at a retro wrist watch, i love the vintage look of that watch so i choose it. Last night when i arrived, i ask mom where's my packet, and i found a cute box on the table (you can see the picture below) i love that box! and i open it, then found my watch inside! The condition is good! and i love it, the watch fits my hand perfectly. Fyi, Bornprettystore sell many product like wrist watch, iphone 4/4s case, bracelet watch, and many more with affordable price and they also offers free shipping worlwide, one more, the good news is you can get 10% off with code MUHAC10, what a nice offer right? So what are you waiting for girls?come and visit them you'll love it! Don't forget to get 10% discount with code MUHAC10. Happy shopping and have nice weekend!

what is inside this cute box?
taraaaaaa! its retro wrist watch! 
take a look closer,  isn't it cool? as you know i love everything vintage, so this is my favorite :) 
the watch fit perfectly on my hand!
thankyou bornprettystore!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hola, have you ever seen this man above? If not, let me introduce him to you, he is my inspirator. His name is Nick Vujicic. He was born without arm and leg. Few years ago, i found his book on mom table, but i just passed and didn't touch it at that time. Several months ago, that book appear again accidentally in front my eyes, so i take it and started read. And you know what? Now this book is like a guide book for my life when every problem crashing me, i remember Nick how hard his life and compare with his problem makes my problems blow away.

Okay, i'll write some summary from what i catch on his books, i hope it can help you too to survive from your problem and grateful with your life :)

NICK is first son from his parrents, when every couple welcoming their first child happily, Nick mom get shock and don't want to see her baby. She love Nick, but she not ready to accept the fact that her baby doesn't have arm and leg! Luckily, Nick parrents believe that God have a reason for this and they raise Nick as normal as possible and support everything for him.

LIFE goes on, little Nick started to know that life is not easy. He had badly depression in his childhood, he ask God time to time " Why you don't give me arm and leg? Why God? This is unfair, why only me?!" or on the other day he pray to God before sleep "God if you give me arm and leg when i wake up tomorrow, i'll never ask anything.." And of course when he wakeup at the morning those arm and leg is not there, and he dissapointed 'again'. He down deep into his negative thought like : "How can i pass my life? Will i get a girlfriend someday? I even don't have a hand to hug my girl! and many mooore... And one day, he decide to suicide in a bathub, then his family comes on his mind, Nick mom, dad, brother everybody crying, and that plan cancelled.

TIME flies, slowly, Nick found his way when he talk and share his life to other friends, some of friends cry, then he get many invitation to speak in many event and share his life to other people.Nick even met a baby like him at chruch! And one by one, Nick understand why God create Nick like that for a reason, Nick is a miracle for everybody. He try to spent his life happily, he even do a surfing! wow!. He doesn't care about his negatif thought and live his life to spread a faith, he said in his book "if i can have my own happy story without arm and leg, so what is your story with your arm and leg?" i feel like my spirit is up up up! Yes Nick, God plan always amazing, without you maybe today me and milion people in this world wouldn't read your hard life on your book and how you pass it. And without your hard experience, we wouldn't learn anything. Youre my motivator Nick, thankyou for writing that book :)

So, what i get after read that book is : "Sometimes, our difficulty comes from ourself, our mind." We take it so hard, afraid this and that. But after we do it, its like "hey?what are you afraid for?!" Hahahahaha. That is my opinion, i hope you can get yours after read this book. ;) have a nice day! Ah, by the way i browse some photos about Nick, look how happy he is.




he even have a baby! >.<

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ciki my cat

This post dedicated for my lovely, cute, cat. Ciki. One day, on the evening when it rains outside i found you wet in our garage, i look out my house and found little poor thing outside and i fall in love at first time to you. Mom never permit us to have a pet, especially cat at house, so i give you blanket and feed you in my garage. I give you a name : CikicikiBumbum or you can call it Ciki. Ciki is fun and pampered to me. On the other day i bath you, and give you shampoo so your fur smell really good, then i play and take some photos of you in the yard. You're so cute and spoiled :') Until comes a day, i must went out of town, and when back home i found you hurt by my neighbour little boy, i feel angry!so angry! i know he only a little boy, but why he must hurt you like that?! doesn't he has a compassion to animal?! i know him, he's bad kids around our house but he's mushy! can you imagine a kid like that? i really want punch him at that time, i take my cat, and get it bath. i look at Ciki's ear, it seems really hurt, i feel angry, i swear. And that afternoon, when my cat at garage and i take a nap, those bad kids come again and disturb Ciki. After that day, i never see my little cat again. Ciki is lost. And i hate that kids. I always pray to God to save you, my beloved, Ciki. :'I  - I love you.

Lets Play.


this is the last day i saw you sleep

i'll always love you and never forget you. love.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Whimsical Place

Hola Bandung, fyuh i just arrived to my lovely town (Bandung) several hours ago. i went to Jakarta last day, and hooo i always miss my city. Jakarta was really hot, crowded, dusty, and full of traffic jam, ugh, i miss fresh and cool air and now i'm on my room and grateful for everything :) By the way, this is my promise to post about lovely place when play with mom last week. You'll love it! :)

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