Tuhan hari ini aku bangun pagi, gak kesiangan solat subuh, makan brokoli, minum air putih, makan pisang, dikasih greentea latte, alhamdulillahJ people is so nice today. Dan ternyata bangun pagi itu seger, huehehehe.doctor said harus kurangin makan junk food, and the fact is ternyata sayuran rebus itu enak! aing kamana wae ~ hampura gusti. I want live better. Yayy! happy friday all ;)



I fall in love with books recently! i sleep with many books on my bed, you can found lots of book beside my pillow. I’m typical person who can’t finish read one book then start read another one. I’m so easy bored-person, i used to read many book at many times. So when i feel bored, i read another one, and it takes more time to finish them, hehehehe, but its fun. My fav topic nowadays is about self improvement – mind -  and make this life worthed. Oh, its amazing how reading effect our life, thats why i love reading. Its give me change of perspective, different way to think something, and how to face everything with new thought. But, its back from what you read, depend on your book. I think thats important to filtered what we read, i acknowledge that several book can give you negative impact on your life. So be wise when choose books, choose the high quality books that can makes your life shine & better. It would be great, believe me. Thats my today folks, see ya! ;)

This is my list that i currently read, if you never read them i suggest you to take a look, especially for number 3, it such a great book. Hope you found something on your life! Love :*

1.       dale carnegie – life is short, make it gread
2.       malcolm gladwaell - Blink
3.       terapi berpikir positif – Dr. Ibrahim elfiky

just found this old photos on my folder :p


Alhamdulillah :)

Dear God, i feel so blessed tonight. Alhamdulillah, i got nice grade on my exam. My effort was paid off. Hasil tidak pernah mengkhianati usaha. I want to make more achievement on my life, my brain full of many things to do and ideas tonight! Yayaaaaaayyyy! I’m gonna make this one life time worthed!


September 30, Oh God. I’m turning 23 years old today.

“Jangan lupa shalat nak, terutama subuh, disitu banyak rahmat Tuhan. Jadi perempuan harus jaga diri baik-baik, pilih pasangan jangan liat tampang/hartanya dulu, yg utama pilih yang dekat dg Allah, insyaallah kamu selamat dunia akhirat. Itu aja pesen ayah.” –Dad.
Tuhan, terimakasih atas segala rahmat & rezeki yg Engkau beri sampai hari ini. Sometimes i don’t believe today i’m turning 23. Sepertinya banyak sekali yg harus di benahi di umur ini. Udah tua, sudah tidak muda, gak tau kapan di panggil Tuhan, masih banyak dosa, tapi masih aja leyeh2. Harus segera sadar & perbaiki hidup. Hidup mau dibawa kemana tergantung diri saat ini. Semoga menjadi pribadi yg tidak lupa bersyukur, punya pemahaman yang kuat atas segala sesuatu yg terjadi, shalat lebih tepat waktu, semakin dewasa dalam segala hal, dan tidak menjadi beban bagi siapapun, termasuk orang2 yg ku-sayangi. :)
Terimakasih atas segala doa nya.
I love you all.


All around the wind blows

 What will we do when we get old?
Will we walk down the same road?
Will you be there, by my side?
Standing strong as the waves roll over

When the nights are long
Longing for you to come home
All around the wind blows
We would only hold on to let go

Lean On-Dj Snake


I’ll try do my best .

September almost gone, and i’ll be 23 years old in this end of September. Oh God, there’s much thing to fix on myself, much. What is my worthed achievement till today? I still learn lots thing from this life, guide me God to be better human with better value. I think, i should manage my mind first.


It was a tree.

Maybe today is the time, to tell a story.
There is a tree. One black tree, that often makes me laugh and confuse. Because i think, this one is different, i saw this tree on darkness, it was far away from my windows; and i don’t know exactly when i started to fall on it, well that ‘thing’ just steal my attention from day to day – i don’t know why. Time flies, i sit on my chair and get my mind covered with it, you know how suffering that feel? I can’t focus on the other thing. Because i found my sight always on that tree, but we’ve never met even say hello, i found my sight always on that tree but i think that creature doesn’t care to me, it even never move closer, and i thought whether i am the one who feel like this?have i ever cross your mind? i’m on my seat waiting you comes to my window but you still there, i know you never come, i’m waiting in vain. oh i’m poor people. I started to think i’m a fool, What we are? I don’t have a right to say to define ‘what we are’, because you never say anything.  So, you know tree, how confuse i am when somebody ask me to stay with, and i said i can’t – then he ask why?do you have somebody? – oh what should i say? ‘what we are?’. I have nobody, i just have a tree on my mind. Life is so strange. But, do you know tree? I still pray the best for you, always, maybe you just never know. ( i am such a weird girl right?hehe. – i laugh myself again)
Till one night i think, contemplate my mind. and i understand, i know its hard for you to comes. Yes i know. We’ve different world. Sometimes i think you know everything, even in fact i know nothing about you (just my intuition). Sometimes i think, i’m annoying thing for you, i just makes you suffer in uncertain world. Hi tree, am i disturb your life recently? I don’t want to disturb you, cause i know how that pain feels. Should i leave? I know you never comes to me. You was there, unreachable. I can’t see the ending line of us, i can’t see the line, because everything is uncertain. So i walked out, do you hate me? Its okay dear, maybe you just don’t understand. Indeed, i just want the best for you. Live this life better ! Shining. :)


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